Accumulators – Combos Betting Guide

It is called Combination or Accumulator as well. This type of bet is the most dangerous one. Because you have to predict all the true outcomes of each match in your coupon.

We told you that you have %33 chance to win your bet in Standard Bet(for soccer games) part. Consider you bet on 3 game-Combo on soccer. This means you have 1/27 chance to cash this coupon.

If you dont have any good strategy, use combo betting rarely. Lets examine the situations and you can understand better.


Arsenal v Charlton – Arsenal – 1.50
Galatasaray v Bursa – Galatasaray – 1.25
PAOK v Olympiakos – PAOK +0.5 – 1.95
Man Utd v Fulham – Over2.5 – 1.65

* The combo bet shown above has 1.50 X 1.25 X 1.95 X 1.65 =6.03 odds. Consider you bet 100 and if all the chosen bets wins, you get 603 back. 603-100 = 503 is your profit.

However, if any of these bets loses, you lose your 100 too. All the bets in combo bet must be true to cash the coupon.

The bookmakers want their members to bet on combo bets because combo bet has the lowest probability to come true. We recommend you to bet on singles instead of combos.