Samuel Umtiti is the man of the hour in France


Samuel Umtiti, the defender of France’s representative and also the Player of the Year, in the bein sports microphone gave his impressions of the important qualification achieved in the World Cup finals after “Gjelat” triumphed over Belgium, with score 1-0, thanks to the only goal scored by the defender of “Blues”.

“We did all the work together. It is true that I was the one who scored this goal, but throughout the game we defended all well together, made all the efforts together, and was rewarded with this place in the final. We did this, we were united, we were 11 “animals” in the field, even those who came in as substitutes and it is with this mentality that we will win. It is true that goal is madness, “continued the decisive goalkeeper for France.

“I previously stood in the middle of the field, while a few weeks ago, seeing my previous matches I decided to go for the first pillar, or in the second and that ranting initiative today. We do not yet understand, but we know we are doing something great. there is still a game to do the giant thing. We will do everything to win this competition, “said Umtiti.

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