Pgoba defends his team matte from the recent critics


Pol Pogba does not mean to stop. The quarterfinals against Uruguay are simply one more advance toward the trophy. He has constantly looked for the most extreme and has regularly succeeded. In the wake of exchanging to United, the amusements underneath the level and the feedback took after each other. It took a World to demonstrate that Paul is there. With 14 wins, he yesterday turned into the player who wins more duels in a quarterfinals of the World Cup. With this individual accomplishment to Uruguay, the midfielder approaches the record that Bikso Lizarazu set 20 years back at the France-Croatia summit. There are no individual records of his worry, yet Antuan Grizmani. The main words after yesterday’s test were unequivocally in help of the group’s companion, for whom he stated: “He continues stamping and helping us. I don’t comprehend why there is dependably feedback for us, regardless of the amount we win or how well we play. Antuani can talk on the field and does not influence contention and I to trust that today (yesterday) you got affirmation. He hit hard, at that point, and remove the goalkeeper’s handguns. Try not to set out to contact me, he is my Grizuja. ”

Fight – If he had scored, he would no doubt be the man of the match, however Pogba did not fix individual accomplishment. While remarking on the triumph, he adulated the soul of the group, contending that: “We knew it would not be an extremely specialized match. We battled physically and rationally, indicating everything that is fit for making this group. We are an awesome gathering and we played incredibly. I’m exceptionally pleased with how we dealt with the amusement since it was a triumph we met up as a family. ”

Objective-It isn’t hesitant to discuss either the significant mission of Pol Pogba. France is in the semi-finals and is not any more worth covering up. “We have made an awesome accomplishment, however it doesn’t end there. In Russia we think of clear thoughts and we will do our most extreme to escape with the trophy. We know it won’t be simple, however we have the correct characteristics to succeed, “Pogba finished up.

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