Commissio: I want to buy but Yonghong Li doens’t want to


While Milan is moving from Yonghong Li’s hands to those of the Elliott finance, Rocco Commisso rises once more. Italian-American business visionary has swung to discuss the Rossoneri: “I need to let the big dog eat, yet we are not there yet, we were near marking a starter contract, I’m persuaded, I don’t control the result, a large portion of this arrangement is private, “he told” La Gazzetta dello Sport “. Commisso is endeavoring to locate the correct method to settle the arrangement: “Possibly yes, we don’t know which way will be driven by Mr. Lei with Mr. Vocalist (proprietor of the Elliott Fund), it is hard to anticipate how it will until the point that somebody reveals to me something else, I think Milan is still in Mr. Li’s hands. He most likely should depend on a court, yet so far the proprietor is he, in case I’m to manage him, don’t I know, we should first comprehend his identity for. ”

Be that as it may, there is idealism: “I don’t know Paul Singer by and by, however my guides know it (Goldman Sachs) and Singer knows my identity yet I don’t make guarantees, I never guaranteed I couldn’t keep it” And he is as of now prepared to confront the new test: “The primary thing I would do as the proprietor of Milan? I should try: I won’t be available in Italy imagining that I definitely know all or a greater amount of the other people who have been there for quite a while. I’m the person who adapts rapidly, “he stated, trailed by a joke for Gattuso, who is currently mentor of Milan:” That person named Gattuso truly cherishes me … When I played on the yard for Colombia , I resembled him … All things considered, absolutely not all that great, he was significantly more physical and after that we are both from Calabria, “included Commisso.

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