Chaos in ‘Casa Milan’ Yonghong Li hasn’t made the needed 30 million payment


Mr Jonghong Li has not poured 32 million euros in carelessness of the arrangement with Elliott, who will hold up until the point that midnight, to start systems to get Milan’s possession, as indicated by the accords and provisions set when it anchored the obligation for Asian specialist for let the big dog eat with Fininvest for Milan shares.

Today was the latest day when Mr. Li needed to reimburse the tranche, to delay any renegotiating dialog in October (more than € 300 million would be required), however the capital increment that the US subsidize has made ten days back, the reddishman just that has not paid off, so 32 mln euros, but rather has not turned out to be alive.

Consequently, as indicated by columnist Karlo Festa, “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the American reserve is as of now midnight and might be known as the new proprietor of Milan, leaving with a bunch of flies Jonhong Li.Sakaq, the Asian president has just a single path, to ask by the Luxembourg court not to think about this due date and be exchanged, but rather it will barely have the capacity to win.

Notwithstanding, as per the Italian media, Elliott has begun the training for a few days to give the essential documentation with the goal that the Milan statements will go, as per the law. There are almost 150 mln euros to anchor club administration in these months, including the Merkaton, as Li is in Moscow, to consult with a ground-breaking agent. El Polly Singer, proprietor of Elliott, has continued contacts with Rikets family and particularly the proprietor of Majemi Dolfins, Ros.

In any case, as per “Sky” there is additionally a triumphant card for Mr. Li, who is making an effort not to lose Milan for 32 million euros. Subsequently, he needs to bring the deal to a close of the club for a sum of 415m euros, which implies 383m euros with enthusiasm to reimburse Elliott and 32m euros that this American store has paid ten days before overseeing the club.

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