Perez has a request before releasing Cristiano Ronaldo


Genuine Madrid has just been given over: it won’t restore Ronaldo’s agreement with the conditions it requires, so 30m euros! Along these lines, separation will come. Be that as it may, as per Spanish media, there is a kleçkë which has checked, for the present Florentino Perez, the leader of the universes …

Perez fears that Ronaldo’s flight, which has essentially stayed frustrated with the conduct of the president and particularly the club versus him, since the issue of financial avoidance, would be a two dimensional blade for him. Truth be told, fans could be countered, as it would be the person who sold the CR7 …

Along these lines, all together not to hurt his picture and Real, he needed to be Portuguese who, with an official explanation, needed to leave the cosmic systems, so the deal, keeping the bill of this separation following 9 years. In the interim, one The following couple of hours have passed by: nobody in Madrid had thought of Juventus as an option, and in the proviso set up in January, huge clubs, for example, PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Bayern Munich were rejected as it was speculated , if Ronaldo left, would just do it in China, where they would cover him with gold.

In any case, “Woman” made two records, particularly the showcasing and securities exchange, which has developed colossally nowadays with more than 70%, and began the last ambush and authority arrangements, concurring with Agent Mendesh.

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