Brazilian media criticizes Alisson, he isn’t worth that much money


“Alisson is the most grounded goalkeeper on the planet,” say the Italians at the media scene in Moscow. Before them, with plate, somebody shakes their heads. What more likely than not been an early discuss the characteristics of the goalkeeper in Brazil and Rome has progressed toward becoming debate over the kid’s an incentive from Novo Hamburg.

In spite of the change to the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals, the Brazilian writers’ body analyzes everything about Tito’s nationality, going past what gives off an impression of being clear in Italy. Alisson is additionally under the ideal magnifying instrument (World Cup). Its reasonable worth in 2018 has surpassed 70 million euros.

“For me, figures are high,” says André Cunha. – We regard him, yet we likewise need to regard the enthusiasts of Rome. Alisson is great goalkeeper, however not at Dida, Marcos and Rogerio levels. ”

Love for Brazil repudiates the specialized investigation of a standout amongst the most vital components of “Seleção”: “We accept, notwithstanding, that Alisson is a Taffarel understudy. Parma’s previous goalkeeper is worshiped by us, “includes André Cunha.

As per Josias Pereira, there are preferred goalkeepers over Alisson in Brazil, refering to Marcelo Grohe of Gremio, Cruzeiro Fábio, Santander Vanderlei and Palmeiras Jailson: “Alisson is a decent goalkeeper, yet the assumes that are rebuked for his prize are some high”.

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